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Part One of this mini-series looks into the heroes of Megillat Esther, possibly giving a fresh take on characters you have always known.

Part Two of this mini-series looks into the villains of Megillat Esther, providing insights into some of the customs of our Purim celebrations.

Why Study Tanach?

What is Tanach and why is it relevant to me today in the 21st century? Join me for a brief overview in one class.

Source sheet can be downloaded here.


Join us as we continue our journey through the Tanach into the power of Tehillim. These beautiful psalms have been used by Jews throughout the generations, for all occasions and emotions. We will look at a key selection, asking who wrote them, why and what they mean for us today.

The source sheet can be downloaded from

Tehillim Part 1 - Introduction

Download the source sheet here.

Tehillim Part 4 - Mizmor 145 - Ashrei

Download the source sheet here.

Tehillim Part 5 - Mizmor 121

Download the source sheet here.

Trei Asar

Join us as we explore Trei Asar – the Twelve Minor Prophets, spanning from the First Temple period to its destruction and the eventual rebuilding of the Second Temple. We will study one book every session, understanding their historical context and main message to both their generation, and to us today.

The source sheets for each session can be downloaded from

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